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French Press

Recommended Instruments:

Coffee scale that displays grams
Burr Grinder
Water Boiler



Grind coffee to a coarse size

Use a 1:16 coffee to water ratio. Multiply the amount of coffee grams you would like to use by 16 to find the correct water weight.

Boil water

Set timer 6 minutes

Example:  50grams coffee x 16 = 800grams water

Step 1:

Place grounds inside french press.

Step 2:

Allow about 1 minute for water to come down off of boiling temp and pour steadily over coffee grounds. You want to start your 6 minute timer immediately before beginning to pour

Step 3:

After 1 minute, break the top crust and give coffee 5-6 back and forth stirs.  Carefully place the cover onto the glass cylinder and allow to continue steeping.

Step 4:

At the 6 minute mark, carefully push the plunger down and immediately separate the coffee grounds from the coffee by pouring into a carafe or cup.

Pro Tips:  

Adjusting grind size will control the flavor of the coffee

Adjusting the amount of coffee in relation to the amount of water will control the body of the coffee