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Pour Over

Recommended Instruments:

Coffee scale that displays grams
Burr grinder
Goose neck water boiler kettle

4:6 Method Invented by 2016 World Brewers Cup Champion Tetsu Kasuya


1. Grind coffee to a coarse size

2. Use a 1:15 coffee to water ratio.  Multiply the amount of coffee grams you would like to use by 15 to determine the correct amount of water to use.
Example:  25 grams of coffee x 15= 375 grams of water

3. Boil water

The 4:6 method involves dividing the total water weight into 40% and 60%

The first 40% controls the flavor profile of the coffee and will be poured in two separate pours. 

The remaining 60% controls the body of the coffee and will be poured in three separate pours.

You pour the first 40% in two pours, and then decide how many pours you want to make for the last 60%. 

The first 2 pours decide the balance of the acidity and sweetness. 

The remaining number of pours will decide the strength of the coffee. We recommend starting with 3 at first.

Allow approximately 45 seconds between each pour, or until you see grounds.

Using the above example, one would initially pour 5 pours or 75 grams each, and then adjust from there.

Total brew time should be +/-  3:30 minutes.